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Action Alert: Tell Congress to Stop Medicare Reform Mistakes That Are Impeding Access to Wheelchair Repairs!

Many Medicare beneficiaries’ access to mobility equipment and repairs is becoming increasingly challenged as a result of recent Medicare reform. In July 2013, Medicare introduced the Durable Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding Program. This program lowers the amount that Medicare pays for mobility equipment and limits who can supply and repair these items. As a result, access to repairs for integral mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers is becoming increasingly limited. For example, the program has redefined many wheelchair accessories and related equipment as rental rather than purchasable items. In addition, new face-to-face regulations have been added, which require those who have been previously approved for mobility equipment to see a doctor before they can purchase or repair their wheelchairs.

Take Action Today!

It is imperative to tell Congress why these Medicare reform mistakes are unacceptable barriers to independent living and to improve access to wheelchair repairs now!

Do so by sharing your own story, or send a prewritten letter directly to your members of Congress. We encourage you to call Congressional offices as well. You can look up your Congressman’s office phone number using the American Association for Homecare Congressional Directory.

For more information and personal testimony about how Medicare Reform mistakes are negatively impacting people with disabilities around the country, and how to speak up for positive reform, please visit

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