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Action Alert: Tell Your Members of Congress to Attend Physician Assisted Suicide Briefing on January 12

Along with many other disability organizations and activists, NCIL has long opposed the legalization of physician assisted suicide. Last year, the disability community fought dangerous bills that popped up all around the country, and this year we expect to have to fight just as hard. The list of concerns the disability community has about these bills is long. From the weak safeguards, to the risk of abuse and coercion, to the negative impact on access to healthcare, these bills are dangerous for people with disabilities.

Next week, Congressman Wenstrup (R-OH) will be hosting a briefing entitled “Physician Assisted Suicide: Dangers for U.S. Health Care.” NCIL’s Policy Analyst, Lindsay Baran, will be providing remarks along with Anne Sommers from Not Dead Yet and Dr. G. Kevin Donovan from the Pelligrino Center for Clinical Bioethics and the Georgetown University Medical Center. The briefing will be held next Thursday, January 12, in room 2361 of the Rayburn House Office Building from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

It is very uncommon for Congress to address this issue, and it is an exciting opportunity for the disability community’s concerns to be heard. In order to get the biggest turnout possible, we need NCIL members from around the country to encourage your Representatives and Senators to send their staff to this briefing! Please contact your members of Congress and ask them to make sure their offices are represented at this important briefing next week. We need to continue to work together to remind legislators that people with disabilities should not have to die to have dignity.


  1. The medical standard of care established by the non transparent OR/WA euthanasia policy is an application of poison for anyone with feelings of concern about losing autonomy. This according to OR/WA state reports.
    That is the low bar standard of care the corporate promoters of euthanasia want to establish for us all. That will put us all (all ages) at risk of exploitation by the medical industrial complex, organ traffickers, predatory heirs and “new best friends” like Oregon’s Thomas Middleton killers via the Oregon policy. This public policy is neither reasonable nor prudent rather it is insidious at best.
    Bradley Williams
    President MTaas dot org

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