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Action Alert: We Need Your Help! Support the Community Integration Act on Social Media This Thursday and Friday!

Senator Schumer is considering introduction of the Community Integration Act (CIA) as it has been drafted with NCIL, ADAPT, and others in the disability community. But he needs to hear from us to demonstrate the importance of this historic legislation. We are asking Senator Schumer to introduce the NCIL version of the bill before July 23rd. This will allow NCIL members to secure co-sponsors when we are on the Hill.

In short, this version of the bill creates a new title of the ADA that requires states and other insurance providers of long term services and supports to assure that no individual with an LTSS disability is denied community-based long term services and supports so the individual can live in the community and lead an independent life. It prohibits states and insurance providers from engaging in activities that limit or restrict access to community living like waiting lists, cost caps, or paying insufficient rates to secure workers. The bill strengthens the definition of community integration, requires states to address the need for affordable, accessible, integrated housing that is independent of service delivery and creates new enforcement mechanisms.

This legislation was crafted by the NCIL Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Subcommittee in conjunction with ADAPT. We appreciate the leadership demonstrated by the NCIL board, staff, and membership.

For more information about CIA, see

We need to show Senator Schumer that the disability community strongly supports him in introducing the CIA as Title VI of the ADA. We need your help! 

On Thursday, July 16th and Friday, July 17, we need everyone to send Tweets and Facebook messages to Senator Schumer urging him to introduce the CIA before July 23rd! Our civil right to live in the community cannot wait any longer!

  • The Senator’s Facebook Page is (You can’t leave a comment on the page, but you CAN comment on his posts. Pick a post on the Senator’s page and leave your CIA comment on it.)
  • The Senator’s Twitter handle is @SenSchumer. We are using the Hashtag: #CIA4ADA

Sample Tweets:


  1. Ben Anderson says:

    Senator Schumer,

    You are a good man. Please support the disabled by introducing this bill!

  2. Julia Robinson says:

    This is an essential bill for many people with disabilities. Please know that you have my support.

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