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ADAPT Takes Salt Lake City!

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ADAPT fills an office - the ADAPT flag and many signs are visible - several read still Waiting for Community ServicesOn Tuesday, September 29, 2015, our brothers and sisters in ADAPT brought their Message to the Utah Capitol. Members of ADAPT, the national activist organization for disability rights, is taking its message to the Governor and State legislators today.

“The Governor is meeting with legislators to discuss Medicaid Expansion,” said Barb Toomer, ADAPT organizer. “We are here to pressure the Governor to implement the Community First Choice (CFC) Option. Disabled Utahns are languishing in institutions because the State does not have adequate home and community­-based services that will allow individuals with disabilities to live in their own communities near their family and friends.”

Tuesday was the third day of action involving non­violent, civil disobedience on the part of the nearly 150 individuals with disabilities from across the country.

On Monday, ADAPTers demonstrated at the headquarters of the Utah Departments of Human Services and Health to demand that executive directors Ann Williamson and Dr. Joseph Miner endorse the Community First Choice (CFC) Option now.

An office is filled with members of ADAPT - two at the forefront have signs that read My Medicaid Matters and ADAPT. One of the protesters is wearing a skull maskCFC is a community-based Medicaid state plan option, which would provide home and community-based services and supports to Utahns with disabilities so that they may live in their own homes rather than be warehoused in nursing facilities and other institutions.

“CFC will allow the state to draw down an additional $20 million annually in Federal Medicaid funding to provide the services and supports disabled Utahns need to continue to live independently in the community,” says Barb Toomer, ADAPT organizer from Salt Lake City. “Even though CFC will bring an infusion of dollars into the State, there has been no movement in making CFC a reality.” 

“We are here today because we know that strong public endorsements by these departments will move the process forward,” Toomer continues.

ADAPT - Free Our PeopleADAPT is the national grassroots advocacy group focusing on the civil rights of people with disabilities across the country. ADAPT began its four days of activism, including nonviolent civil disobedience, with a rally Sunday at the Utah State Capitol where Utahns with disabilities told their stories of forced institutionalization.

ADAPT’s last day of activity will be today, September 30.

For more information on ADAPT, visit This week’s activities can be followed at the ADAPT Action Report Page.

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