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An Update from the NCIL Voting Rights Subcommittee

On October 14th, The Arc’s Voter Support Service went live. They are currently finalizing an app that can be downloaded, but in the meantime The Arc encourages voters to save the site to the home screen of their smart phones for easy access. It not only provides voters with a quick and simple way to report any issues faced at polling places on Election Day, but also aims to provide immediate assistance to ensure that their vote is counted. To learn more about this important new service, visit

Earlier this year, AAPD and NCIL delivered a questionnaire regarding disability issues to the presidential candidates. As of this week, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns have submitted answers.

With the election only three weeks away, CILs should be preparing to make calls to consumers reminding them to vote and making sure they have a way to get to the polls. The Voting Rights Subcommittee has provided the NCIL 2016 Phone Banking Guide that includes tips regarding effective messaging, scheduling calls, and logging them as they are made. The Phone Banking Guide is available in PDF, Word, or plain text.

Visit for more resources from the NCIL Voting Rights Subcommittee!

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