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Announcing the #ADAyouthpledge for the NCIL 2017 Conference

Revolution - A Global Independent Living Movement - Annual Conference on Independent Living 2017. Graphic: Continents have been added to NCIL's logo (a blue semi-circle), which forms a globe. A red heart sits between the end points of the semi-circle.#GenerationADA is the cohort of youth age 26 and under who grew up after the ADA was passed. The 2017 NCIL Conference is committed to engaging and supporting #GenerationADA. However, due to a variety of barriers, most especially cost, youth with disabilities have been unable to fully participate in the national disability community. In order for the Independent Living Movement to be more inclusive of young people we need the support of CILs, SILCs, and other organizations. We are asking that your organization takes the #ADAyouthpledge through one of the three ways listed below:

  1. Pledge to financially sponsor 2 young people in your local area to attend the NCIL conference.
  2. Pledge to financially sponsor 2 young professionals on your staff to attend the NCIL conference.
  3. Contribute towards the Youth Scholarship Fund that will bring young people from across the country to the NCIL conference. Your donation will support plane tickets, hotel accommodations, personal assistance services, and registration costs for attendees.

With your help, we can bring youth with disabilities to the 2017 NCIL Conference and ensure that youth leadership will grow and flourish in the Disability Rights Movement. Together we can ensure that #GenerationADA is empowered, engaged, and ready to lead. We ask that you tweet us with your pledges @youth_fellow.

Thank you for your support!

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