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Call for Volunteers

Generation ADA: Rise Up! 2015 Annual Conference on Independent Living (Image: red power fist outlined by a black circle)The 2015 Annual Conference on Independent Living is coming up quickly! We have an exciting Conference planned! To make this year’s Conference successful, we need your help. The Annual Conference Committee and NCIL staff work tirelessly all year planning the Conference on a limited budget and we are very committed to keeping costs low to make the Conference as affordable as possible for attendees. To make this Conference affordable for all, we need volunteers!

We hope that IL advocates, family, friends, and supporters around the country will provide significant assistance at the 2015 NCIL Annual Conference. We have wonderful incentives for those who put in volunteer hours! We know some of your staff must attend all Conference activities, but if there are others that may not normally get to attend, incentives for volunteering may be the perfect opportunity for them. If you or your staff volunteers more than 5 hours during the Conference, half of the volunteer’s registration fee is waived. If you or your staff person volunteers 10 or more hours, the volunteer’s full registration fee will be waived. 

If you are interested in signing up to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer sign-up form by July 1, 2015. Volunteer spaces are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Annual Conference Volunteer Descriptions

  • Rally & March Volunteer: Distribute water and signs, direct marchers, distribute lunches and collect trash before, during & after Rally.
  • Ballot Runner: Distribute & collect ballots at the Annual Council Meeting.
  • Ballot Counter: Count ballots at the Annual Council Meeting.
  • Door Keeper: Collect Luncheon tickets and guard the doors.
  • Mic-Runners: Facilitate large plenary Q&A sessions by bringing the microphone to participants.
  • Registration Volunteers:
    • Sales Desk Volunteer: Provide registration & sales support. Process registration forms, set up and tear down sales table, assist in selling NCIL promotional items. 
    • Registration Desk Volunteer: Greet attendees and provide registration support. Create nametags, process registration forms and replenish bags / materials.
    • ALDs Volunteer: Greet attendees, provide and collect Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) to registrants, take ID and maintain sign-out sheet.

Thank you. Your support is invaluable! Please contact Angela Ellman, Volunteer Coordinator, at with any questions.


NCIL Annual Conference Committee

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