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Independent Living & The Rehabilitation Act

SILC-NET Presents… A National Teleconference & Webinar: Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs) & Designated State Entities (DSEs) – Addressing Roadblocks and Authority Issues

August 29, 2019; 3:00–4:30 p.m. Eastern

Register online or by using the printable registration form (PDF)

Presented by:

  • Marijane Waldron, Director, WV Division of Rehabilitation Services
  • Michelle James, Chief Financial Officer, WV Division of Rehabilitation Services
  • Ann McDaniel, Executive Director, WV Statewide Independent Living Council

The Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) and the Designated State Entity (DSE) must work together. Don’t take our word for it – it’s the law! Whether you believe there is room for improvement or you feel as though you are at a total impasse, this webinar is designed to clarify what the law says about the roles and responsibilities of the SILCs and DSEs, along with practical examples of how you can each improve your relationship.

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CIL-NET Presents… A National Teleconference & Webinar: Get to the Core of It – Peer Support

Get to the Core of It – Peer Support
Best Practices in the CIL Core Services
August 13, 2019; 3:00–4:30 p.m. Eastern
Presented by: Matt Cain & Sarah Jo Jorgenson
Register online or by using the printable registration form (PDF)

Peer support is a hallmark of the Independent Living Movement and a core service – both in statute and philosophy – of Centers for Independent Living. We all know what peer support is, but running an effective peer support program with limited funding and staff has to be tailored to each CIL’s capacity and need. If you and your staff would like to learn more about implementing a proven model for peer support, then you won’t want to miss this training.

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Information Alert: ILA Reorganization Update

On Wednesday we sent out an information alert about upcoming reorganization at the Independent Living Administration. This alert was sent before the announcement was finalized in the Federal Register, because we wanted to get you the information we had as quickly as possible.

Read the notice in the Federal Register. The notice confirms the information we sent out on Wednesday. While the notice states that the reorganization will be effective upon date of signature, it was confirmed during a stakeholder call yesterday that the implementation date is the first week of August. It was also confirmed that there will be NO opportunity for public comment.

We are continuing to stay on top of this situation, and we will share all relevant information as we receive it.

Information Alert: ILA Reorganization Underway

NCIL has recently learned of upcoming reorganization at the Independent Living Administration (ILA) within the Administration for Community Living (ACL). This is expected to include the demotion of ILA Director Bob Williams; and Julie Hocker, Commissioner of the Administration on Disability (AOD), will become the new Director of the ILA as well as keeping her current position. This means that the Independent Living Administration will no longer have a full-time Director! It is also our understanding that Regional Offices will be closed, although some staff will remain.

NCIL is extremely concerned about these sudden and unexpected changes, and particularly at Bob’s removal as Director of the ILA.

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National Council on Independent Living 2018 Annual Report

Dear Advocates and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that NCIL’s 2018 Annual Report is now available at our website.

Peace in my mind,
Love in my heart,
When my friend can have his way and his part,
A home from the start.

I’m so proud of the amazing work the Independent Living community accomplished in 2018.

The beauty of NCIL is that you, our members and supporters, run the show. In 2018, you fought attacks on the Americans with Disabilities Act, gained the support of a record number of co-sponsors for the Disability Integration Act, testified about the devastating impact of Electronic Visit Verification, and spoke out against policies that would limit access to opioids for people with chronic pain. Your tireless advocacy made all the difference.

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Action Alert: Invite Your Members of Congress to the 2019 NCIL Congressional Briefing & Reception on Capitol Hill!

Note: Online RSVPs are closed as of 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday, February 22. Individuals who do not RSVP can still attend the event (space permitting) and can register on site.

Dear NCIL Members,

It’s time for the annual NCIL Congressional Briefing & Reception on Capitol Hill! If you are in the DC area, we hope you will join us. Please see the event details and RSVP at our website.

Wherever you are, we are asking for your help to get your members of Congress to attend this briefing. NCIL, as the national advocate for CILs, SILCs, and the Independent Living philosophy, has the mission of being your voice in Washington DC and representing your interests. NCIL hosts this annual briefing and reception in order to educate members of Congress on a number of relevant policy initiatives that aim to advance disability rights and the ability of people with disabilities to live more independently.

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The National Organizing Project Presents… A Teleconference and Webinar: Advocacy – We CAN Do It!

Advocacy, Advocacy, Advocacy! Several of the CIL Core Services are all about advocacy, but are we succeeding? Are we making the most of the resources we have to make the changes we need?

Confused about what funding stream you can use to do what work? Don’t know where the line is? Unsure of where the line between lobbying and advocacy is, and therefore not going near it?

Well, have we got the teleconference / webinar for you!

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CIL-NET Presents… A National Teleconference & Webinar: Investing in the Independent Living Movement Means Investing in Youth

March 20, 2019; 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Register online or by using the printable registration form (PDF)

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are required to support young people with disabilities as they transition to adulthood. This is a core service of CILs, but one that many CILs are still figuring out how to best provide. Before any services or support can be achieved, CILs must understand how to get youth with disabilities meaningfully engaged in their CIL and the Independent Living Movement. This work is not easy, but it can be done with the right staff, expectations, and understanding of the young people with disabilities in your community.

Our presenters will share concrete ways your CIL can reach young people, help them see your CIL as something they should be a part of, and get them involved for years to come. Investing in youth will improve our organizations and ensure the future of the Independent Living Movement.

You won’t want to miss this webinar on core services and the future of our Movement. Sign up today!

Registration Fee: $75.00. Fee is per site and does not apply per participant; registrants are encouraged to gather as many individuals as desired to participate.

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Apply for NCIL’s 2019 Summer Policy Internship Program by Monday, April 1!

Each semester, the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) hosts up to 2 internship positions at our office in Washington, DC. The Policy Internship Program provides real Washington policy experience to participants at a highly respected national organization. Interns gain valuable experience in the nation’s capital and build skills necessary to be ideal candidates for positions at NCIL, CILs, and other advocacy organizations around the country.

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CIL-NET Presents… A National Teleconference & Webinar: Supporting Your CIL Board for Success

February 20, 2019; 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Register online or by using the printable registration form (PDF)

Sure, your Center for Independent Living (CIL) board runs the organization, but there is still a lot that you can do to prepare them for success. The Executive Director and staff often know much more about the day-to-day operations and ins-and-outs of the organization than volunteer board members. That knowledge is so valuable to making the best decisions for the organization – from financial management to strategic planning and everything in between. Join us in February for tips and guidance on supporting your CIL board to do their best job. We’ll share strategies for recruitment, orientation, communications, evaluating the Executive Director, leadership development, and more!

This webinar is not just for Executive Directors. CIL staff and board members are encouraged to attend!

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