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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center: Your Source for Information, Services, and Support

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April 19, 2016; 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Register online or by using the printable registration form (PDF)

Does your CIL take advantage of the resources that are available from the Reeve Foundation and Paralysis Resource Center? Of course you’ve heard of them, but you may not realize all that they offer to consumers and CILs alike. From literature, to peer mentoring, and even grant opportunities – you may be pleasantly surprised by all that they provide.

Join us on April 19th for an overview of what the Reeve Foundation can do for you and your consumers.

Registration Fee: $75.00. Fee is per site (connection) and does not apply per participant; registrants are encouraged to gather as many individuals as desired to participate by telephone. 

Target Audience:

  • CIL board members, program managers, and staff interested in resources for working with consumers with paralysis and spinal cord injuries.

Learning Objectives: After completing this webinar, you will have tools and resources that will enable you to understand:

  • The wide array of free resources, programs and services available to CILs and their consumers
  • The general demographics of Americans living with paralysis and spinal cord injuries
  • Resources especially useful for CILs in assisting consumers with community connection, exercising self-determination, health and well-being
  • The benefits of the PRC’s national peer-to-peer mentoring program that provides information, resources, and support to people living with paralysis, their families and caregivers
  • Grant opportunities from the Reeve Foundation available to CILs

Meet Your Presenters

Bill Cawley is the Manager of the Peer and Family Support Program. He oversees the strategic direction of the program, ensuring that peer mentors are trained and certified and that encounters are recorded. Mr. Cawley came to the Reeve Foundation in 2009 after an extensive career in corporate communications, programs development, and consulting in the banking industry. He also founded his own non-profit organization, Family and Friends Curing Paralysis. He has a B.A. in Speech Communications from Penn State. He has been a member of various boards and societies and is a Certified Master Business Coach.

Maggie Goldberg is the Vice President, Policy and Programs of the Reeve Foundation. She is the Project Officer for the Paralysis Resource Center. She has functioned as the Project Officer on the current cooperative agreement with the ACL. She has held leadership positions at the Reeve Foundation for 14 years, most recently as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. She has an extensive background in public relations, communications, and marketing. Ms. Goldberg has long sat on the leader-ship committee of the Foundation which manages its operations, personnel, budget, and programs. She previously worked in Washington, DC for Senator Arlen Specter and other advocacy organizations. She received a degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bernadette Mauro is the Director, Information and Resource Services for the PRC. Bernadette is responsible for managing the database and inquiries that come into the Information Specialist team. She also produces content for our patient education initiatives and for the website. Additionally, she works on advocacy and public policy issues. She was a founding member of the PRC and has been employed at Reeve for over 13 years. She came to us after managing a national resource center for an organization devoted to spinal cord injury. She has a background as a special education teacher and case manager for a vocational and rehabilitative services organization. Ms. Mauro has a B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University at Chico and holds various licenses and teaching credentials in the special education field.

Donna Valente is the Director of the Quality of Life Grants program. She has been with the Reeve Foundation for over 18 years in various capacities including as an Information Specialist and a grants writer. Donna directs and administers all aspects of the grants program including the external review panel, the internal review, and participates in the evaluation of the program. She participates in the marketing of the program and has spent much time streamlining the application process and offering technical support to applicants. Ms. Valente came to the Reeve Foundation after working at the Matheny School with children and adults with severe neurological and physical disabilities, and was a classroom assistant for students with disabilities at the County College of Morris. She has a B.A. in Sociology from Montclair State University.


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