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CIL Wanted: Increase Your CIL’s Programmatic Capability!

The Our Lives: Safe and Strong Program Toolkit (OL), a project that focuses on providing specialized program content, training, and technical assistance support to OL partner CILs to support them in development of an on-site abuse awareness, abuse prevention, and safety-planning strategies/ approaches program for folks who experience a disability, is now seeking one further CIL to join their OL CIL consortia.

The Regional Research Institute (RRI), Portland State University, with funding from NIDILRR, is on lead for the project. RRI is partnering with a small consortium of CILs from across the country to further develop and finalize the Toolkit content and programmatic methodology. The cornerstone of the OL Program is a computer-based abuse awareness and abuse prevention tool, one for women with disabilities and the other for men with disabilities, and both tools were created directly by women and men who experience disabilities. In addition to the computer-based abuse awareness / prevention tool, each OL CIL is being supported by the project to develop its own site-specific OL programmatic activities to augment and complement the tool.

One of our starter OL CILs encountered an unexpected need to withdraw from the project for reasons of realignment of personnel at their location, and, as a result, we now keen to locate another CIL to join us in this work. The ideal CIL would be located in an area adjacent to, but not directly in, a city having a minimum population of approximately 400,000 or more people. It would also have above average representation in its consumer population of individuals who are either Latino or Hispanic. 

The partner CIL would have the direct support of OL as it increased and expanded its programmatic capability in the area of personal safety for vulnerable members of its client population. In addition, OL would part-fund the salary, including fringe, for one CIL staff male and one CIL staff female to do, once trained by us, the OL program work on-site.

For further information, contact Rollin Shelton by email at (Subject: Our Lives – Safe and Strong Program Toolkit) or by phone at 503.725.8097.

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