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Disability Day of Mourning 2017

Today, March 1st 2017, is the annual Disability Day of Mourning.

Vigil CandlesEach year, the disability community and our allies gather around the world to mourn people with disabilities murdered by their parents or caregivers. In the last year alone, 100 people with disabilities have been the victims of filicide – that we know of. Unfortunately, justice is almost never served for the victims of these hate crimes. When the victim has a disability, perpetrators of filicide are consistently given lighter sentences, or in some cases, no sentence at all.

We come together to mourn and to express our outrage. We decry these incidents as unacceptable. We demand justice. And we speak for those who are no longer alive to speak for themselves.

Find your local vigil site or participate in the virtual vigil if you can’t make it in person.


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