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Disability Integration Act Updates

Just because Congress isn’t in session, doesn’t mean we are on a break! In fact, NCIL members, ADAPTers, and other advocates have been working hard to secure cosponsors for the Disability Integration Act (S. 2427 / HR. 5689). So far we have 8 cosponsors in the Senate and 18 in the House. A list of House and Senate cosponsors is available below.

It should be noted that the entire delegation from Vermont is cosponsoring DIA. Although it is a small delegation, Vermont folks worked tirelessly and relentlessly to secure these cosponsors. Great job Vermont!

During a Congressional break, Senators and Representatives can’t officially sign onto DIA as cosponsors, but that doesn’t stop them from committing to sign on when Congress is back in session immediately after the election. They can even contact the sponsor to sign on now, but the paperwork won’t be processed until session. NCIL has received word that Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI), Representative Ed Perlmutter (CO), Representative Bob Brady (PA), and Representative Lewis (GA) have all committed to sign onto DIA as cosponsors. Congratulations to the local advocates who are doing this work!

The campaign season is the perfect time to catch your Senators and Representatives. They are at home and accessible. PLEASE coordinate local efforts to get your members of Congress on DIA. We only have a few weeks of session left and want as many cosponsors on the bill as possible so we can get a head start on the next Congress!

IL advocates are also asking whether candidates for Congress will cosponsor DIA. For example, in Rochester (NY), Louise Slaughter was the first cosponsor in the House. We know we can count on her continued support. To help secure votes from the disability community, her Republican opponent, Mark Assini, has ALSO publicly committed to signing onto DIA in the next Congress.

More information on DIA is available at

Current DIA Senate Cosponsors:

  • CO – Bennet (D)
  • CT – Blumenthal (D)
  • MA – Markey (D)
  • MA – Warren (D)
  • NY – Schumer (sponsor-D)
  • NY – Gilibrand (D)
  • PA – Casey (D)
  • VT – Leahy (D)
  • VT – Sanders (D)

Current DIA House Cosponsors

  • CO – Polis (D)
  • CT – Courtney (D)
  • FL – Grayson (D)
  • IL – Davis (D)
  • IL – Duckworth (D)
  • IL – Schakowsky (D)
  • IL – Visclosky (D)
  • MA – Neal (D)
  • MI – Conyers (D)
  • MI – Lawrence (D)
  • MN – Peterson (D)
  • NY – Gibson (sponsor-R)
  • NY – Meng (D)
  • NY – Serrano (D)
  • NY – Slaughter (D)
  • NY – Tonko (D)
  • TX – O’Rourke (D)
  • VT – Welch (D)
  • WI – Sensenbrenner (R)

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