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Documentary About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Invisible Disabilities Needs Support in Final Week of Fundraiser!

The Sensitives Kickstarter - - A women opens the door to a van covered in aluminumm foil insideThere is only a week remaining for the filmmakers of The Sensitives to reach their fundraising goal on Kickstarter. If they are short, by even $1, they don’t get a penny of the pledges! 

They are a third of the way funded and need help! Please visit, watch their beautiful teaser and pledge what you can. No pledge is too small and if they don’t raise their funds by July 15th, these stories won’t get shown!

Films like these don’t get made very often so please join us in supporting the filmmakers finish this documentary.


  1. Please help make this film, If I had any money I would give it to you, Have MCS THIS THING IS REAL……………….. Its killing us and everybody, Other people just slowly, CANCER, whatever, were screwed, People won’t listen, think were crazy. It’s real REAL ……………….. Sammy

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