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Example CIL Environmental Policy & Procedure from Arizona Bridge to Independent Living

Source: Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL)

ABIL LogoABIL recently updated our policy and procedure for accommodating individuals with Environmental Sensitivities with the help of national experts on the topic and we wanted to share it with other CILs. It isn’t perfect. It is one example of what one CIL has done. We realize this is a difficult topic to address because everyone is different and because our environments are contaminated with a barrage of manmade chemicals and Y-FY/radio waves that are difficult to avoid. Still, it is our responsibility and desire to have our programs and facilities as accessible as possible for our employees and the consumers we serve who experience environmental illness.

We are also including a link to our Suggestions for Transition to a Fragrance-Free Life tip sheet, which we share with new employees during their initial orientation process. The NCIL Environmental Barriers Task Force created NCIL’s Environmental Health Barriers Toolkit, which can be found in the “Resources for Advocates” area of the NCIL website.

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