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Get Ready: National Disability Voter Registration Week Taking Place July 11-15, 2016!

National Disability Voter Registration Week (DVRW) takes place this year from July 11 to July 15th. As this is only a few short weeks away, organizing an event for the week may not be feasible. However, there are still many ways that you or your organization can get involved!

  • VOTE Emblem features the universal sybol of accessibility holding a paper with Choice check marked and Option uncheckedAsk your City Council to sign a proclamation to recognize National Disability Voter Registration Week in your community. View the sample proclamation.
  • Get involved with or attend a scheduled event for National Disability Voter Registration Week. View the American Association of People with Disabilities’ list of resources and events.
  • Set up a voter registration table and have a registration drive at a well-trafficked location in your community, such as a supermarket. Some tips:
    • Instead of a table, bring an ironing board. Not only does this unusual choice attract attention, but an ironing board is easily adjustable for those who need height adjustments.
    • Bring a sign with your organization’s name and the words “Register to Vote.”
    • If your organization has T-Shirts, make sure that you wear them.
    • Don’t just stand or sit by your table. Approach them with a smile and ask them if they would like to register to vote.
  • Take time to find out if your state has an online voter registration page. The biggest reason for lines on election day is problems with registration. Registering online eliminates issues with hand-printed registration forms such as illegible handwriting.
  • View our resources and consider joining the NCIL Voting Rights Subcommittee. Visit our page.

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