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Get Ready to Get Out the Vote! Upcoming Webinars on Voter Engagement

As we get closer to the midterms, several organizations are holding webinars to help organizations and individual advocates become more engaged in the democratic process and participate in Get Out The Vote activities. 

Nonprofit Vote hosts a regular series of webinars on voting and civic participation aimed at nonprofit organizations. On August 9th, they will be hosting “Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits,” which will educate participants on what ballot measures are and how organizations can legally lobby and educate the public on ballot measures. You can sign up for this free webinar over at Nonprofit Vote. 

On August 16th, Nonprofit Vote will also be hosting a webinar on National Voter Registration Day. National Voter Registration Day is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Tuesday in September, and it’s a great opportunity for organizations to educate their communities on voting and to participate in voter registration. This webinar will tell you more about the day, share stories and information on how to plan a National Voter Registration Day Event, and help you plan your own event! You can sign up for this free webinar at Nonprofit Vote. Don’t forget to sign up your organization to be a National Voter Registration Day partner! Circular red, white and blue logo with a gray outline of the continental United States in the center. The top of the circle has the words "National Voter Registration Day" in white with a blue background, and the bottom of the circle has white stars on a red background


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