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Give Now to Aid Disabled Victims of Hurricane Harvey!

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc over Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Streets and homes have been flooded, with rescue workers navigating the city by boats to rescue trapped victims.

Organizations like the Red Cross often aren’t prepared to assist disabled people during an emergency. Disabled people are at increased risk for injuries and death during disasters, with the fatality rate among people with disabilities up to twice the fatality rate of people without disabilities.

NCIL logo - National Council on Independent LivingThere are two ways you can aid disabled victims of Hurricane Harvey:

  1. Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies focuses specifically on disaster relief for people with disabilities. They have been mobilizing on the ground in Texas since the storm made landfall, coordinating rescue efforts for people with disabilities who are unable to evacuate easily. Your contributions will help disabled victims of Hurricane Harvey find safety. Please note, contributing directly through the PayPal link on Portlight’s website will allow the money to reach those who need it faster than a Facebook fundraiser.
  2. NCIL’s Disaster Relief Fund aids Centers for Independent Living that are damaged in disasters. Your contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund will help CILs in Texas repair and rebuild in order to get their services going again as quickly as possible. When people with disabilities have lost their homes due to disasters, it is even more crucial for CILs to provide services that will keep people with disabilities living in the community.

Regardless of where you choose to donate, every dollar helps. Whether you give $10.00 or $100, your contribution is greatly appreciated by Portlight, NCIL, and the people of Texas.

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