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NCIL Member Discount Code – Grocery Shopping That Works with Your Schedule

By Michael Bender

EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Walmart Global eCommerce

Have you ever wished for a grocery drive-up service? Whether you only need a few things, or you actually need several things but only have a few minutes to get them, shopping online for groceries and then choosing a time to have them handed to you (or better yet, loaded into your trunk) is a fantastic convenience.

At Walmart, we know this for a fact because our customers continually ask for it. We’ve tested online grocery options – both pickup and delivery – in a handful of markets across the U.S., and each time we’ve added a new city, our customers begin using the service faster than they did in the previous one.

Free pickup in particular has been very popular, and so I’m pleased to share that we’ll begin offering free online grocery pickup at select stores in the area.

Customers can simply shop their grocery lists online, choose a time to pick up their orders and then pull in to a designated parking area at their local stores, where associates will load the items into their cars. It’s all the convenience of a specially trained personal shopper, plus the things you’d expect from Walmart: the same low prices we offer every day in our local stores; no extra fees or charges; and the ability to place an order (by 10:00 a.m.) and pick it up the very same day. 

With 70% of the U.S. population living within 5 miles of an existing Walmart store, this is an idea that simply makes sense for us. We have the locations already in place, and with our website and mobile app expertise, we’re able to combine those things in a way that helps our customers save time and still take advantage of our everyday low prices.

This new, easy shopping experience is an innovation that’s helpful for anyone with a busy schedule – particularly moms with small children. They can shop online and choose the pickup time that works for them, and they never have to unbuckle anyone’s seat belt. This free service has also been very well received by seniors, people with mobility limitations, and the disability community.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll add stores in even more stores and markets to our list of pickup locations. We’re excited to make this new option available to even more of our customers, and to use our existing assets in a way that offers not only convenience, but another great way to save.

Is Walmart online grocery available near you? Visit to learn more and place an order – and receive $10 off your first purchase by using the code WMTCARES during checkout.

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