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Help NCIL’s Housing Subcommittee Introduce the Topic of Accessible, Affordable Housing Into Electoral Races!

By NCIL Housing Subcommittee

equal housing opportunity symbolAt a recent meeting of the NCIL Housing Subcommittee, we were discussing the lack of coverage of housing issues in the electoral races at all levels. We felt that access to affordable, accessible, healthy / nontoxic, decent, safe and integrated housing is such an important issue for not just people with disabilities, but for almost everyone.

As campaign races heat up at all levels around the country, we want YOU to contact your legislators, to attend debates, public meetings, and forums, and ask them this important question:

What is your plan to address the need for affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities, seniors, and low income families?

The more people that we ask this question, the more this will become an issue in races. So go ahead, and ask away! For federal races (House, Senate, and President), please e-mail any response you get to NCIL Housing Subcommittee Chair Brian Peters at

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