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Information Alert: Updated DOL Home Care Rule Advocacy Action Steps

Our recent information alert discussed the recent decision by a U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. to uphold the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Home Care Rule (PDF). Unless the Supreme Court takes action, the rule will go into effect on October 13, 2015, and your state’s long-term care programs, particularly consumer-directed programs, may be affected.

It is extremely important for advocates and consumers to understand this Rule and to be involved in states’ efforts to prepare for its implementation. The disability community’s input is vital in ensuring that states do not cut services, dismantle programs that allow consumers to control our services, or place caps on worker hours and earnings.

NCIL has worked with several other national advocacy organizations to develop advocacy documents to help you take action:

These documents outline important action steps to ensure that the state efforts towards compliance do not harm consumers or workers. The Rule’s effective date is rapidly approaching, so it is critical to begin your advocacy efforts now.

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