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Join Us in Supporting the Center for Independent Living – Kathmandu

By Susan Henderson, Executive Director, DREDF

Representatives of CIL Kathmandu speak at an outdoor gathering with video camerasAt the end of 2013, I had the good fortune to visit Nepal as part of an exchange on disability and leadership. While I was in Kathmandu, I visited the Center for Independent Living – Kathmandu and discovered what an amazing crew they are. Before the earthquake, the CIL-Kathmandu was already doing very cool work in a very inaccessible environment. After the news of the earthquake, I could only imagine what it must be like for them and our sisters and brothers with disabilities now, so I checked in with CIL-K, and they are indeed working in an even more challenging environment.

The CIL provides typical IL services and advocates for government support for personal assistance services. Read a (short) blog about my visit with CIL-K.

As you might guess, they could use an influx of funds right now to assist people with disabilities — not many response groups in Nepal are focused on our community. DREDF has volunteered to collect donations and wire 100% of the funds received to CIL Kathmandu’s bank. All donations are tax deductible.

Donations of any size will help — Nepal is a poor country and US dollars go a long way. By sending funds directly to CIL-K, we’ll ensure that people with disabilities are recipients of relief efforts. 

  • Checks: Write CIL-Kathmandu on the memo line. You can mail checks to DREDF:

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
3075 Adeline Street, Suite 210
Berkeley, CA 94703

  • PayPal: PayPal users can make a donation online. Add CIL-Kathmandu to the message field after you have logged in.

Your gifts will be restricted to the CIL-Kathmandu relief effort. Thank you for your consideration.

Below is an account from a CIL-Kathmandu board member.

I Am Alive!

Board Member of CIL-Kathmandu, Deependera Shakya, having cerebral palsy disability is safe now but his old house completely collapsed. He says “I was alone on bed at home. My mother was out to bring water. Suddenly my home with laud strange sound started to swing terribly. I couldn’t recognize what is going on. I heard people shouting “Run! Run! Earthquake – earthquake!” I felt panic and tried to shout but couldn’t because of disability. I saw crack on house and some bricks were falling down. Immediately my mother entered with panic face. She was asking help mentioning my existence at home. Nobody came to help us. My mother took me on her arms and slowly brought me down to street. Some bricks were still falling from edge side of home. When we reached to the open space we saw our home completely collapsed. All my things with dream went under the rubble. Any way I’m alive with my mother. Now we are living in tents, facing challenges to cope with cold that rose from the continuous rains. First time I felt horror of death. I thank to my mother for giving me new birth. After realizing I’m alive I’m worrying about lives of my friends. Whatever I faced was out of imaginary and don’t wish for same to my friends. I’m praying for the safety of my friends living in and outside valley”

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