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Letter from the New Editor in Chief of the Rooted in Rights Blog

By Emily Ladau

Emily Ladau in front of US Capitol BuildingThe writing that flows from the disability community has long been a well from which I’ve drawn strength and power. When I speak out, the words of other disabled writers remind me I am not alone. And when my voice falters, I turn to those who have found within themselves the words to articulate what I struggle to say. It is this sense of solidarity, this feeling of being understood, that I hope to foster through my new role as Editor in Chief of the Rooted in Rights Blog.

But I don’t want anyone to get too comfortable, either. I believe in challenging the status quo and pushing readers and writers alike to think beyond the tired tropes of disability. This blog won’t be the place to come for those in search of their daily inspirational fix. Nor will it be a place for people to recount empty tales of woe. The pieces published on the Rooted in Rights Blog will be rooted in disability rights. I’m looking for writers who will share compelling stories and crucial facts that shine a bright spotlight on disability rights issues in all areas of life: inclusive employment, accessible housing and transportation, affordable healthcare, criminal justice reform… the list goes on.

The experiences of disabled people and the issues we encounter do not occur in a vacuum. Disability is but one aspect of the human experience, and it intersects with all other experiences and identities. All too often, the disability community and society as a whole fail to recognize this, especially in regard to the experiences of people with multiple marginalized identities. As such, one of my top priorities in managing the Rooted in Rights Blog is ensuring strong intersectional representation. Read more at Rooted in Rights.

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