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MagicMobility Wheelchair Van Assistance Program

MagicMobility is a national wheelchair van assistance program for children and adults. They solicit donations of adapted vehicles and distribute them to individuals and families in need throughout the US. This provides a legacy for the donor, as well as an IRS tax deduction for a vehicle donation, since the vans are not sold, but are instead transferred to a recipient in need. They also take older and higher mileage vehicles, as long as they are in running condition.

Please visit to submit a request or donate a van, or visit their crowdfunding site which will provide supplemental funding for Veterans and those with state adaptation subsidies, as well as funds to refurbish donated vans.


  1. Barbara Castles says:

    I am in need of assised in obtain a assesable vehicle. I am disable. My impairment with other medical consitions. I have a power wheelchair. I cannot transport my chair from place to place. I have been confined to inside the house. I want my inderpented again. I have always been working, going places and mostly to church. I have neurophy which impaired my walking. I have to be lifted with only one or two steps. I hope that your agency can help me in getting a vehicle. Thanks for giving me this time to speak my mind.

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