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Me Before You “Bookmark Bomb” Campaign

Copies of Me Before You (the book) are being sold nearly everywhere, so let’s take advantage of this spike in marketing by placing informational bookmarks in as many copies as possible. These bookmarks have been developed to make readers aware of our protest campaign, with the hashtags #MeBeforeEuthanasia and #LiveBoldly that they can look up to learn more.

Feel free to make your own designs as well, but make sure to include the hashtags on them!

A few tips:

  1. These can be printed on almost any paper, in either black & white or color.
  2. Cardstock is recommended, but regular printer paper is fine.
  3. Print out plenty of bookmarks, and keep them handy for unexpected sales displays.
  4. Do not use tape or any other adhesive. This is vandalism. We want the message to be the main story!
  5. If you feel comfortable doing so, take picturess of your work and post them on social media with #MeBeforeEuthanasia, #LiveBoldly, and #BookmarkBomb.

Please share this with your friends and family, and help us make this “Bookmark Bomb” a successful addition to the campaign! Thank you for participating!

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