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National Council on Independent Living 2016 Annual Report

Dear Advocates and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that NCIL’s 2016 Annual Report is now available at our website.

NCIL 2016 Annual Report Front Cover. Solidarity Forever: Annual Report 2016. NCIL: National Council on Independent Living. Cover features NCIL member Tangikina Moimoi holding two signs that say "Solidarity: Everybody In".In 2016, NCIL celebrated solidarity. The ferocity and passion we witnessed in 2016 left a lasting impression. Internally, we honored the contributions of young people with disabilities and people who bring experiences that are too often marginalized within the disability community and by society at large. Externally, we worked to build relationships with our brothers and sisters across the globe.

#Solidarity relies on core principles of Independent Living philosophy. In 2016, we met as equals, ready to learn from our peers across the world and within our Movement. We learned that we have a lot to learn, but also that our potential is greater than we knew.

We recognize the urgency with which we must address the issues facing our community. 2017 will be a critical year for our Movement. Frightening changes threaten programs and services for people with disabilities. NCIL will not stay silent as Congress dismantles legislation that allows people with disabilities to live in our homes and in the community. We will take a firm stand against anyone who denies the rights of students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. With your help, we will stop attempts to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act and erode our civil rights.

NCIL continues to provide first class member benefits, including training and technical assistance, insurance benefits, and a world class Annual Conference. Most importantly, NCIL provides its members with representation on Capitol Hill, ensuring that our voices are heard by those with the power to enact our priorities. I hope you will join us as we build a future of independence for all. For these reasons and so many more, I ask that you become a NCIL member. In Washington, DC and in every state, Independent Living advocates will work on every front until we achieve a world in which people with disabilities are truly valued equally and participate fully.


Kelly Buckland, Executive Director

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