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NCIL Queer Caucus Condemns Trump Administration’s Call to Erase Transgender Identity

The NCIL Queer caucus condemns the Presidential Administration’s call to erase transgender identity from being recognized by the United States government. Through a unilateral set of policies targeting gender recognition, the transgender community will be put at even greater risk. Obama-era protections will be no more.

The transgender community already faces high unemployment, poverty, intimate partner violence, violence from police, and housing discrimination. The government recognition of gender identity had become a small step toward normalcy for many trans citizens. The ability to change gender markers — gender as identified on government documents — is not only a means of personal gender affirmation, but a label legitimizing gender. Bringing an I.D. to the bartender, using a public toilet, or getting on an airplane is no longer Russian Roulette for outing one’s self. Reports show that outing is a very dangerous act in a world still wrestling with the concept of trans identity. 27 transgender individuals have been murdered this year– many of them women of color. Gender markers are added protection against violence.

The NCIL Queer Caucus condemns the silence of the medical community on the issues of gender identity. Scientists have been the biggest ally to confirming that chromosomes are not the only definition of sex in humans. Despite evidence confirming gender identity, the scientific community is being silent on the attacks on the transgender community. The valuable information they provide is key to forming comprehensive and realistic policy around the issue.

22% of the transgender community identifies as having a disability compared to the general population of around 6%. Access to medical care, equal treatment under the law, access to jobs, housing, and safety are all concerns connecting the disability and transgender community.

Become a member of the NCIL Queer Caucus to help us organize and support the LGBTQ community, because we will most likely continue to see attacks on our population for the next several years. Be the change you want to see in the world! Learn about NCIL’s committees and caucuses and join today.

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