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Multiculturalism in CILs and SILCs

Approved by the NCIL Membership July 2000

WHEREAS the Multicultural Committee is recognized and supported by NCIL National Council on Independent Living.

WHEREAS NCIL is responsible for monitoring the development of the Multicultural Committee.

WHEREAS the Multicultural Committee supports the efforts of NCIL in promoting the rights of people with disabilities. 

WHEREAS the Multicultural Committee was created to ensure that minority and ethnic groups with disabilities, were equal represented and included in decisions and policy making of the NCIL.

WHEREAS that the Multicultural Committee will serve as a valuable resource to increase the awareness about the diverse community represented by this committee.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: that the National Council on Independent Living will encourage Centers for Independent Living and Statewide Independent Living Councils, to hire and provide the necessary training to minority and different ethnic groups with disabilities for staff and managerial positions in their organizations.

Respectfully submitted by: NCIL’s Multicultural Committee