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NCIL Statement of Principles on Chronic Pain and Opioids

As a response to people with chronic pain experiencing increasing barriers to adequate pain treatment, the National Council on Independent Living created the Chronic Pain / Opioids Task Force. The goal of the Task Force is to work to ensure the voices of people with chronic pain and other disabilities are part of the ongoing national discussion, and to develop a national strategy around this important issue. The Chronic Pain / Opioids Task Force has created the following Statement of Principles to guide NCIL’s work, and we hope our members will be able to use this to guide their advocacy on this issue as well.

NCIL Statement of Principles on Chronic Pain and Opioids


  1. This is a hard subject for me. I have a daughter who has a T1 Spinal cord injury, fractured almost all her c vertebra 16 years ago. Constant pain. She is now on Oxycodone 7.5mg #90 a month. I don’t like what she has turned into. She sleeps with her medication under her pillow, looks unhealthy, sleeps in the day, up at night. She is not productive even though she earned her Masters in Early education after her injury. She has tutored some, but was Always late… of my patients has tumors all over his body. I’ve never seen anyone on so much pain medication. Horrible constipation. They aren’t using it when the pain is really bad, but all the time. What are their alternatives? Does Medicaid pay for massage, alternative pain relief. They both need to cut back. Neither listen to me. Also, I’ve had gum surgery, abscess teeth, kidney stones……sometimes you need just enough to get through. If they write for a limited amount, you can’t get more and won’t become addicted. I had a bulging herniated disc, workout 4-5 times a week, 20BMI but sometimes need something more than tylenol. Bad lift with daughter, weather change…….I was given 50 Tramadol to last the year. While that may be enough I’m not even sure if my doctor will prescribe again next year due to the government watching doctors like hawks. They don’t want to lose their license.

    • You have no right to judge someone else’s pain level. Your daughter sounds like she’s depressed and you are barking up the wrong tree. You are very judgmental person and I feel sorry for your daughter and the person you’re taking care of with tumors all over his body. Good for you for being so High & Mighty. I pray you never actually need pain management.

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