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Opportunities for ACTION on Saving the Affordable Care Act

Efforts in Congress are well underway to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and restructure Medicaid. We’re expecting to see a repeal bill in late March, which will likely include a lot of replacement provisions as well as Medicaid restructuring. There’s still a lot we don’t know, because things keep changing. But we do know that our efforts are making a difference, and that we need to get even louder right now! Please, keep calling, emailing, writing, Tweeting, and meeting with your members of Congress!

For more detailed background information, including the disability-specific pieces of the ACA, our fact sheet on the ACA and Medicaid block grants, and ways to take action, please see our previous alerts, Call to Action: Saving the Affordable Care Act and Fighting Medicaid Block Grants and Action Alert: Save Disability Rights Provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, there are several upcoming opportunities:

  1. NCIL is working to collect stories from the IL community that we can use to get Congress to understand how their cuts and changes impact real people around the country. Have you benefited from the Affordable Care Act? Did you gain coverage through Medicaid expansion? Did you transition from a nursing home to your community because of Money Follows the Person? Will your independence be jeopardized by Medicaid cuts? These are just a few examples of the types of stories we’re looking for. We’ve been told by our allies on the hill that personal stories are what really make the difference. So please, if you have a story to share, email NCIL’s Policy Analyst, Lindsay Baran, at
  2. NCIL is participating in a coalition of disability advocates and activists called Disability Power for Community Integration. The coalition is putting on a webinar this Friday on Congress’s efforts to repeal the ACA and restructure Medicaid, and how these will impact people with disabilities. If you’re interested in joining, please register online. If you missed the first webinar in January, view the archived materials.
  3. If you haven’t met with your members of Congress yet (or, even if you have), NOW is the time to get some face-to-face. Both the House and the Senate will be in their home districts all next week (February 18-25), and this will be the perfect time to set up a meeting and voice your concerns! We need our members of Congress to hear directly from their constituents how the action of this Congress will hurt us. And while you’re planning your meeting, make sure to check whether your Senators or Representatives have any town halls scheduled on this calendar complied by the Town Hall Project!

With so many programs and services that help our community at risk, now more than ever we need to speak up and be heard!


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