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Register to Vote and ReVUp! July 11-15: National Voter Registration Week

With Election Day right around the corner, the National Council on Independent Living wants to remind everyone to register to vote! If you haven’t already registered, July 11-15th is National Disability Voter Registration Week. The aim of National Disability Voter Registration Week is to increase the political power of people with disabilities while engaging candidates and the media to recognize the disability community.

As people with disabilities, we make up about 20% of the American population. Given that statistic, we should account for 20% of the votes cast in elections. Voting affords us the ability to weigh in on critical issues that affect us. Through our votes, we can have a huge impact in choosing lawmakers that represent our best interests. The right to vote is one that we deserve. It is one that we DEMAND.

It’s up to you to ensure the disability vote is heard and accounted for; so register today! Visit AAPD’s RevUp site to learn how to register and get more ideas on how to REV UP!

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