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Sign Up for Training through The NCIL Access Academy!

The NCIL Access Academy was created in 2014 to help Centers for Independent Living (CILs) return to being the primary resources in their communities for accessibility advice and survey services. The Access Academy aims to achieve this by forming a nationwide network of certified access survey specialists based at CILs throughout the US.

By participating in a NCIL Accessibility Survey Academy Project (ASAP) Training, CIL staff will be trained on measuring/surveying for accessibility, reporting formats to provide survey results and recommendations, and increasing referrals to for-profit or fee-for-service projects. After receiving training through the NCIL Access Academy, CILs can then take the formulas, methods, tips, and data from the training program and develop for-profit or fee-for-service opportunities providing survey, plan review, or training services in their communities. Trainees will also learn about continuing education opportunities and receive regular communications regarding current issues relevant to accessibility. NCIL logo - National Council on Independent Living

We are pleased to announce that we are now scheduling fall and spring NCIL ASAP Training dates around the country! So far, the NCIL Access Academy has conducted trainings in West Virginia, California, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and we hope to continue expanding the program around the country. Trainings are conducted by nationally-known accessibility trainer/consultant and former NCIL Vice President Mark Derry. If you have any questions, or if you would like to receive more information (including a packet explaining the project and the program costs for hosting a training), please contact Mark directly at

The NCIL Access Academy is a great opportunity for CILs to establish advocacy-driven networks of trained individuals within the Independent Living Movement while helping to grow the role of CILs in the communities we serve. Consider bringing the NCIL ASAP Training to your state today!


  1. Susie Molloy says:

    Dear Mark and Colleagues –
    How can I help integrate the access requirements, of people denied access due to environmental health barriers, into the program?
    I don’t expect there to be focus on access requirements required for people with all the various individual disabilities, but imagine within the trainings there might be opportunities to offer examples of what would be “reasonable” for us.
    Let me know how to help make this happen.

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