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Take Action Over the Recess!

Members of Congress are back home during various times in August, and now is a critical time to talk with them about the Disability Integration Act (DIA) and other key priorities! Senators will be home this week for a shortened recess, but they’ll be back in DC by August 13. Representatives will be in their home districts for the whole month of August and returning to DC on September 4. Take advantage of the time they’re home to meet with them about the things that are most important to you!

Disability Integration Act: If your Senators or Representative have still not signed on to the Disability Integration Act (S. 910 and H.R. 2472), urge them to become a cosponsor! Tell them how important this bill is to their disabled constituents. Explain to them that this is a bipartisan bill that would help disabled people stay in our homes and communities. If they want their disabled constituents to be a part of their communities, what are they waiting for? We need ALL our Members of Congress to support the DIA! If you get in touch with your Senators or Representative about DIA, please email an update to!

NCIL logo - National Council on Independent LivingEMPOWER Care Act: Make sure you also talk with your Senators and Representatives about the Ensuring Medicaid Provides Opportunities for Widespread Equity, Resources, and (EMPOWER) Care Act (S. 2227 and H.R. 5306)! This bipartisan bill would reauthorize the Money Follows the Person (MFP) demonstration program, which has freed over 75,000 disabled people from institutions, but expired in 2016. Urge your Members of Congress to support this important bill!

Other priorities: Make sure to talk with your Members of Congress about other issues that are priorities to you and your community. Talk with them about how critical it is to increase funding for the Independent Living Program. Tell them how much their disabled constituents rely on Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Talk about the lack of accessible, affordable housing or transportation in your communities. Use this opportunity to make sure your Members of Congress are hearing about the issues that matter to their disabled constituents! You can feel free to use the NCIL Legislative & Priorities Booklet to help support your efforts:

As we’ve proven time and again, the disability community has the power to make things happen. Use this opportunity to educate your Senators and Representatives on the issues that are important to all of us! Every single meeting with your Members of Congress is one more opportunity to have our voices heard and our efforts supported. Take action today!


  1. Alan E Waller Jr says:

    I was in Chicago last week, I am restricted to a manual wheelchair,
    It was very difficult to maneuver around the curbs and sidewalk ramps, Near Giordano’s Pizza at 730 Rush St.
    So sad that I was actually trapped and needed assistance to cross the street at the cross walks.

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