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Texas ADAPTers Push Presidential Candidates to Endorse the Disability Integration Act

Members of the Texas Chapter of the Disability rights group ADAPT call on the Republican candidates for president at Thursday night’s debate to endorse the Disability Integration Act, S. 2427 (DIA).

The legislation establishes new federal law – structured like the ADA – that says “No individual … shall be denied community-based long term services and supports so the individual can live in the community and lead an independent life.”

DIA makes it illegal for a state and insurance providers that pay for long-term services and supports (LTSS) to fail to provide HCBS by using waiting lists, screening people out, capping services, paying workers too little for services, or the other excuses that states have used to keep people from living in freedom. DIA requires each state to offer community-based services and supports to any individual who is eligible for institutionalization. It also requires states to take active steps to make sure that there is enough affordable, accessible, integrated housing.

The legislation allows the Federal government to reduce a state’s funding for institutional settings by as much as 10 percent if a state refuses to submit or fails to secure a plan to transition to community-based LTSS. States have shown that the extra money they could get through the Community First Choice Option (CFC) is not enough. DIA will mean that states receive less money if they don’t support the right of people with disabilities to live in freedom, and CFC will give them more money if they do support our right to live in freedom. 

States must develop plans to increase the availability of affordable and accessible private and public housing for individuals with disabilities. Saving the tax payers money and allowing people with disabilities to maximize their independence.

“The Disability Integration Act will make equality a reality for all who need long term services and supports in order to live in the community. “ says  Heiwa Salovitz.

For a digital copy of the Disability Integration Act please go to

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